Tools to Use…

Dreams, the Tarot, and numerology…

We are given in the way of dreams some clues for us to either just express and work out those things from our daily lives or there is more to the dreams….

I have been interested in how dreams play a role in our life and how they may help us to figure out what and where we are to do and go to assist us in allowing our lives to be easier since we are creating the life we lead. Most of us seem to make the life we have most difficult. Why that is, is a very good question.

It is funny the more we try to help some people the less we may be helping. Being asked to interpret dreams sometimes don’t go over very well neither does trying to explain things of the Tarot and numerology. Things that are considered esoteric are either accepted or denied. There aren’t too many middle of the road people there. Some will be fascinated but there is little belief on the information that is given to them.

Most in messages our higher selves gives us are subtle and not so theatrical as the hollywood movies portray but for those with minimal or beginner intuitive skills we have to learn to trust our instincts.

I have learned much in utilizing the skills of numerology, the Tarot, and dream interpretation to better myself mainly. Using these tools gives much to decipher why we may have the life we have created.

The relationships that we have can be most confusing. Utilizing the information has given me greater insight on why there might have been a need for a difficult mother (for example) in this life. And explains a great many things about the many relationships we have in the way of families, lovers, friends, and/or just acquaintances.

How many times we wonder why we ended up in a group of people who we don’t understand or they don’t understand us or even the family we are born into somehow doesn’t ‘fit’ us.  If any of those apply You might consider questioning that it isn’t you per se but you might have been needed for either your soul growth or perhaps it is for theirs. Either way YOU were needed to be there. Nothing is a coincidence but rather an intricate network that is there for our growth.

So have those dreams which may be what you needed to get you to understand you more.


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