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the intent and energies given to

The intent of what we create bears a lot of energy of that specifically. The observation of the particular workspace I am in has made me wonder why things are the way they are. In our world of high-tech and of other work environments, the comparison is quite astounding in that this workspace’s main/core item … Continue reading

reflection and our own struggles

looking for articles to help better understand how to see the world and all that is going on, there is much being said about relationships that are coming together and others falling away. as with things you perceive will be good for yourself you wish for the best outcome. that best being defined is not … Continue reading

The number Eight and the month of August There are meanings everywhere, where one chooses to look is a choice to help oneself or hinder. So this month will be a very big month for all of us. For the self you will need to determine what one wants to manifest and for the collective … Continue reading


Time is now to be more of what we came to be. Comfort, allowance, and having is all part of Now. Take in, do what feels good, and sense the goodness for all in the air. With the disturbances and endings of the old ways, we need to maintain how we wish the Now to … Continue reading

the start of some things

Another phase has begun This eclipse sandwich that is being spoken of is now upon us and for those of the sensitive nature can ‘feel’ something occurring. With the moon eclipse that was on April 25th we are on our way to much that is to be. this month of May that is just around … Continue reading

it just will…

As many seem to say during this time, the many relationships will continue or not depending on what each believes. It is not about how much we like or love anyone. We love all beings whether we like them or not, that is not the question. We have this purpose we are to do and … Continue reading

I don’t usually reblog just haven’t felt to do. This speaks to me. I have been in this similar situation and finally I can understand gratitude, appreciation, and the grace that goes with this. It is explained very well. I thank you for this post.

a visualization – what it may mean

Let me say there has not been much progress in my attempts of visualization techniques or perhaps what I should say is there has not been any real results to speak of. I have worked with what comes to me once I balance and center and allow for my highest good to come through. There … Continue reading