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the intent and energies given to

The intent of what we create bears a lot of energy of that specifically. The observation of the particular workspace I am in has made me wonder why things are the way they are. In our world of high-tech and of other work environments, the comparison is quite astounding in that this workspace’s main/core item … Continue reading

Validation from a dream

We have all questioned this ascension thing especially within the last 6-10 years for some of us and for others it’s probably been their whole lives. Now there has been moments where I have felt that things were just not right somehow but could never really put a finger on it. Always felt the longing … Continue reading

from May and onward…

There  is much that is being hinted at and alluded to. I believe this is more to ready us than to scare us. For those that have not become aware that there are changes of great magnitude for the world that we live in are in for a great shock. Please understand, if you have … Continue reading

Cycles & Patterns

We go through many patterns throughout our life and then there are the cycles that will repeat until we ‘get’ it. How often have your recognized that you might have encountered something similar but with different people in the scenario. Well there is that pattern or the cycle repeating for you. We continue in this … Continue reading

the 24 hour notice…

Since interviews and articles on his site, Benjamin Fulford, it would seem what he has been speaking of about in regards to financial tyranny might be coming to a head. I am inclined to most of what is being said from the sources mentioned here as well as others that have touched on this subject in some … Continue reading

a rhetoric…

As the life you knew starts falling apart, more and more comes the deadline of having to leave. You wonder what was it all for and now where do you actually go. All the logical things do not happen for you, for whatever reason you have to take much more drastic steps to go and … Continue reading

the New Standard might be

Yes, many of us have gotten caught up in the many conspiracy theories especially when we start to discover much of the behind the scenes things that are taking place. Much discernment is needed here since once you are drawn in there are many people who profess “to know” this that or the other. No … Continue reading

the March Equinox

There is a feeling in the air, I know most of us can feel something brewing or coming. We can sense some change that is either about to hit us or will be coming very soon. This year of 2012 is to be special and now will begin those changes we have been hearing about … Continue reading