a quick observation of self

I was reading this article and realized that in small ways this is something that I have been doing but in a covert manner and always with permission for the intended.

Here is the article link: http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarionscall2action.htm

Many times we wonder how to help those around us. I came to this just by noticing what was being said and just thinking of what can I do, then I would ‘get’ a thought of light being given to the person I was thinking of. I would add if allowed by recipient please do. I haven’t thought too much about it other than this has just become another thing that I just do. I then ponder did that do any good at all. Usually I will either hear indirectly that they feel better or that they were able to find something that was able to work for them.

To me this article I have referenced tells me that I have been ‘doing’ something to assist in this time even if it has been Just in my own sphere.

When I meditate I take along the thoughts to send around this planet that we live on. Allow your good intentions to be sent to you and yours for the betterment of all here.

So yes with good intention we are helping our humanity and this place we call home for now. Be blessed and shine brightly.



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