the intent and energies given to

The intent of what we create bears a lot of energy of that specifically.Kozzi-briefcase-full-of-money--vector-1442 X 1456 The observation of the particular workspace I am in has made me wonder why things are the way they are. In our world of high-tech and of other work environments, the comparison is quite astounding in that this workspace’s main/core item is not high-tech. the peripheral items of copiers and hardware are quite up to par but it is the main product that is actually quite out of date by today’s standards almost antiquated. So another thing came to the surface to be looked at again. Now I do not believe myself to be stupid but the misunderstanding of how a process was to be done was recently questioned on the proper way of doing and the misinformation was quite astounding. When one becomes comfortable in one’s environment enough to function and do what one knows the ins and outs of, there is the tendency of thinking that all persons that are there ‘know’ how to do things since they have been there for some time and especially in management level. Yes there are the standard meetings and such to keep all informed but at the same time the disconnect is more evident as my time there is continued. From my perspective the initial creators of this particular product and the ones that have continued to care for it had the intent of making a lot of money with something of a simple but convenient nature that would not need too much initial investment to get it going. What I see as this product has had some time in the world, there was not the upgrades to the core item for this to flourish more than it has done. So it feels like it is in it’s death throes due to the fact there is no more growth to this item. It is shrinking back into itself. You want to know when it will be unplugged. It is like the patient at the hospital who has had some illness for some time but no preventive actions had been taken even though there had been time but because things were going so well, no one paid attention to the little signs that had been coming through. There is patchwork going on to keep it going as long as it can. My outlook is this, when you do not take a lot of care to prevent obvious human type errors in a given work environment, it will continue with every new persons that will grace it. Throw in changes to parties that have been doing things a certain way for a long time then it is inevitable that things will get skewed and mishap will occur. There are simple fixes but again when patchwork is being done only, it would appear it is doomed to fail. So it goes back to the creators and their intent. It would appear they wanted more out (monies) then they were willing to put in (their energies and initial funds). Since this item is overlaid with making do with as little as possible and not enough (heart) was given to it, it would seem it is only a matter of time when it has to fold. I have been feeling this for some time. I do hope for the people working there that this is not true. No one needs to be unemployed but there are a lot of changes with all the new energies permeating our time, it is inevitable. I feel that only with our heart and passion in what we create will flourish and be great. When it is only calculated to just do something to make monies then it will only have a short run. Especially now, more and more people are seeing the uselessness of things and wishing how things should be different with more value and durability. No more disposable society as we have been doing. Everything trickles down from the energies of those that have the power to change things. Their perspective colors those things that can be better or not for those working under their management. Stay centered and know the direction you wish to go and then do. Be the light shining in the storm. Stay wonderful and spread your joy. helicopter in the sky


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