settling into the new

Kozzi-silk-flower-closeup-588 X 883Yes it has been awhile, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the energies coming in and not being able to adjust as quickly to the new atmosphere we have further gone into this new earth of year 2.


If I understand it correctly those of the sensitive nature already are picking up others thoughts and feelings. Even the dreams are more involved/detailed and intense which seem to have those people we have been incarnating with show up in those dreams. We are able to size up where another may be in their process of expansion, meaning if they match up to ourselves which in turn can tell us if they are able to understand or pick up more of what you are saying/meaning.


It is an interesting process and can be disconcerting when you think you know certain things – we still tend to go with our old notions of why. We need to adjust to the notion that we are beginning to become or returning to the more expanded form of ourselves. We are much more than we currently see.


Just look at NASA ‘seeing’ all the new earth like type planets they were not able to pick up before this time. I truly feel we are having another small part of the spectrum available to us given our move into this part of the universe.


As you may have noted from my previous entries that I was having some issues picking up ‘things’ from the workspace. On some level people are in fear of what is happening, no one likes the idea that everyone will be able to see them for who they conceive themselves to be today, not realizing that they are more than they have presented themselves to be so far. There is also the fear of being shown or having the knowing of what they were and what they have done from those past lives here.


Sure there is the mixture of relief about finally being able to be our true selves but there is the vulnerability of having everyone see our soft underbelly as it were. Because we still have the mixture of the old ways and new ways of being/thinking and doing, we are needing to blend them but I haven’t figured out the process. I am sure as we go along we will be doing this quickly and not having to really think about how to do.


BE well and know how wonderful of a Being we all are.




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