level of understanding

Kozzi-smiling-statue-441 X 294I would like to share an observation that seems very prevalent at least in my arena of the workspace. It may coincide with the energy of people wanting to help others but not knowing how or understanding this need to do.

The phrase too many chiefs and not enough Indians idea come to mind. Many of us have experienced much or they would think so and may feel like some sort of expert for having gone through any difficult things in their lives. What tends to be forgotten is usually their limited scope from their perspective of their situation.

Now this is the interesting part well from where I stand that is. When another tries to bring their experience to enhance the subject, the one who had been speaking about it doesn’t always accept this new addition since not having gone through this themselves. It doesn’t sit well to the one who was trying to bring in more information, if you will.

Nothing should be discounted necessarily especially if the party has not gone through their share of things. But hey I think this goes in the category of, I am sharing a story and I want the full attention for myself, which then leads to how immature are they for wanting the spotlight for only themselves.

Anyway I think I finally understand, where I may have thought a person is on the same level of understanding, in this case, they only presented themselves that way in a perhaps unintended but still misleading fashion. So the question is does one continue trying to provide assistance in the spiritual healing way when it now is showing they cannot handle things on that level.

I think it is probably like anything else until a person can attain a certain level of understanding of anything no amount of information given can be taken in for any benefit.

Thanks for the assistance of allowing this to come to light. I can stop expending so much energy which is just building up and then backfiring unto myself which brings their own backlash which hinders my own progress.

The time for change is at hand, many are speaking of “the Event” and the bigger changes to all of us with major impact. Please ensure to be discerning of all information and feel it with your heart to figure out how it may be for you.






Be your wonderful self and Know that you are wonderful.


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