strengthen or let loose

antarctic iceberg

My last entry felt very sad to me and due to my own reflection and trying to understand some times we go to that space.

Now there is much in the way of what is ahead of us and what we would want to accomplish in this space and time for how we wish our world to be.

Another perspective came via this article and I wish to share that and know that this seems something that is but not able to fully grasp for the most part.

Full article:


So, it is very challenging and many of you have been in survival mode even though you have come into the new world, the place of empowerment. Suddenly you feel like you cannot quite keep up, and you have been trying to re-adjust your lives to feel comfortable again. We tell you that you have the ability to go back and experience all of those choices that you believe you did not make. The walls between the dimensions are thinning as we speak.

You are one being, dear ones, expressing yourself in 12 dimensions with the 12th dimension being the higher self at the center. Simply imagine a vortex at the top with a tube torus made up of 11 circulating rays. These rays would be what you would experience as your individual lives, all believing they are unique. Yet they all connect at the creation center of the torus giving them all the same central focus on the larger whole being.  The spiritual journey on Earth is designed to evolve the spirit through human experiences, thus it is a constant aim toward living and expressing the perfection of your own higher self at the creation center of your personal torus.


In this life experience we may have one outcome of choices made but apparently we have made those other choices we have feared to have done here. With that said it also says that we are being able to ‘feel’ those other outcomes of the other choices made but not truly understanding what may be going on.

This is something to consider, I myself have these visions where life is different and have not been able to understand a connection that I feel strongly about in this life experience but have some knowing that a relationship feels so together elsewhere and not here. Some times it does feel like a whole different life that I am seeing other times it ‘feels’ as it will be happening during this life (timeline). And as far as I know I am not waiting for it to happen.

Most times I am happy being in my space with myself and learning new things.

Red Rose Up Close

On the other note, many relationships whether strong ones or just acquaintance type are either disintegrating or bonding more which tells me that we are attracting and repelling as we go along.

I have a very close friend (sister) I grew up with who is a good person but having had her partner relationships fall apart at opportune times for her own soul growth. Now the more interesting part is her own reactions during the phase where it still had a chance to go either way and when it then falls apart to what she does after to take care of the hurt of self.

By her own actions I was able to observe where she chose to allow the relationship to fall and then try to own up to her part of things which is great, this I would think shows progress of self growth. Now the more difficult part comes up, she tends to take from outside of herself the fuel and admiration on how to proceed. Yes I did say admiration. I was disturbed to first notice this but it was there. Apparently we like being seen as someone who can take on such difficulties in life and come out of it most bravely. Someone who is able to weather such storms and being seen as strong. Of course who wouldn’t.

This has become more apparent when the second partner relationship fell. I saw a pattern and when I was presented on her struggles and conveyed back that I thought she was already past how she was reacting now which she did this same thing with her first ex some years ago, I was met with surprise and some indignation.

What I got from that is either we never got past it the first many attempts during that time, and by this 2nd ending, this second relationship never had a chance due to that. So onward with the pattern, without completion of the initial ending she is not able to go forward and still continue to rush into more relationships seeking something outside of oneself instead of doing the inner work.


Yes this is my perspective and what I can see. We do not always see how we are when in our own situation(s).

This whole relationship thing allowed me to see that I did complete what I needed from my divorce many years ago. I had been questioning if I had come back to this area for some other reason than my intention of the knowing that I could get a job here. So it answered that for me. Also the fact of the not rushing part maybe more to notice that I don’t.

Along this line of thought I can see when I needed some people that I would have thought would have been there with me, they had not and a person who would not have been expected to give me the supportive energy which had been a welcome surprise. And they don’t do well with emotional type like me but there you are, the people that should be in your world (circle) will be.

Alright all you light beings, BE strong and KNOW u R a wonder in the universe.


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