reflection and our own struggles

looking for articles to help better understand how to see the world and all that is going on, there is much being said about relationships that are coming together and others falling away.

as with things you perceive will be good for yourself you wish for the best outcome. that best being defined is not always what you think will be.

what goes on in your world is trying to answer those questions you are searching for an answer on. you wonder and ponder why certain things get some kind of rise or reaction from yourself.

there is one incident of a fellow worker who is struggling to make changes in her life but as an observer i am able to see much clearer on her struggles. one is her home environment, her boyfriend, and how she wishes her life to be.
by inviting those around her to voice their opinions about how she has described her life situation, she seems to have formed an idea of what she should be doing. by talking about where she lives and how they are to her, she derived from her co-workers what she has been suspecting all along that the treatment and advisements have not met her scrutiny but without the support from her co-workers had not been able to bring herself to make any changes up until now.
now she has moved and changed her home environment, the boyfriend may be more difficult for her to change. since where she lived had been with the boyfriend’s family and himself. what seems to be is that her feelings are strong for him and the hope is that he will perhaps be different with her changing her living space.
how does this reflect things for myself, you ask. well i wonder even if circumstances made me have to move a lot and the jobs that have come and gone why i felt her loss of things and hope for things similar.
so i kept observing her slow progression of changes and everyone around her seems to see the same outcome, that this boyfriend who introduces himself as her very good friend even if they have been together for 6 years. no one is seeing anything come of this relationship, no one.
yes i have a friend who i feel is a very good friend and i think i have been hoping that there would be ‘something more’ to the friendship. so perhaps this is what i have to ‘see’ for myself.
i have been taking care of myself for so long there may be no more ‘something more’ to be. getting older does that to people, especially the men, they want the younger females and don’t wish to make anything more tangible with someone their age, in this case an older female in the chronological time thing that we keep still.
yes we are in such a shift of things where no time is suppose to be and that we should be moving into where no one needs to age and that we should for the most part de-aging to about 35 or something of that nature. until that happens i am going to still believe in it.
there are pivotal things going on and soon to pop. i am doing my part and keeping the light, raising my vibrations and getting through the fog of not knowing to a more knowing state. so yes we still have muggles who do not know what is transpiring but more are coming to bridge over to this new state of being.
here is an article that may better explain better what it is that i may be feeling. this part seems to say a lot of it.

“One of the most difficult sources of the sense of emptiness is the loss of people from your lives. Detaching from people and their influences will include those whom you have been close to: friends, family members, and those you have known through the many activities of your life.

“These disengagements may be on friendly terms, some on negative terms, and some will just drift away. You may reach a point at which you look around and think that you are all alone. Your people interactions feed you a reflection of who you are and keep you entrenched in the 3D version of yourself. The disconnections free you to transform.” (3)

like most just don’t know what to write about. we have our individual work to get through and rehashing old material did not feel right to do.
keep your center, stay balanced and feel joy in your heart as we continue to move into a better way of being from where we stand.
Take Care and Be Well

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