The number Eight and the month of August

Kozzi-blue-grapes-1674 X 1254

There are meanings everywhere, where one chooses to look is a choice to help oneself or hinder. So this month will be a very big month for all of us. For the self you will need to determine what one wants to manifest and for the collective we will have major things that will show us much. Standing ones truth will help to keep ones balance and not allow the fear to permeate deeply within the self. We will ‘see’ the chaos for what it is and be okay with the changes that are to take place.

There is no real need for this fear but for the ones that are still needing this energy to continue on with what they suppose is for the better. As the collective this is not true, there has been no level playing field for all so how can this be true. We are all divine creatures and we should have the honor and respect that is deserving of.

We are here to serve each other and as such we are to respect and assist with the best of intentions and good will for all. The power is from within and should not be over anyone. We are to care for each other and we are to honor all choices any one makes for them. We may forget we have to allow.

There is responsibility of the self and that would mean for the choices one makes there will be consequences for them and should be seen for what they are not to blame others for what they themselves have brought upon one self.

Yes, there are many facets to things but that is for each of us to recognize as why of some things. And so we get on with the life in the old and transitioning into the new. Be aware of your own choices since that is what will bring about the changes that we are all looking forward to in this new age of being. You are a creator and as such what you do will affect those around you, in all senses.

The energy that is you radiates out and as we become more aware, we will see this more.

Know that you are light and part of the divine doing and being all that you are supposed to. Allow yourself the grace of being the best that you can, with the tools you have been given and to acknowledging your own power here and the now.

Be well and Do what you came here to do. We will figure it all out soon/shortly and manifest a whole new wonderful.


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