a quick note

Many thoughts run through and then you wonder about them. This month seems to throw reflection as something we need to do. We read and most of us know that there is much going on that is going to bring about many changes which is to make this planet much healthier and us better stewards. With the delays that keeps coming up, we are feeling the drag of our own despair and yet there is the smidge of feeling that we are on this edge and with the leap we will all be in something wonderful from where we are currently.

There are warnings of who maybe misleading us but through all of this, one must trust oneself to be discerning. I also feel if you are to go in a certain direction or path then you will see what is needed to go a certain way and if not then it wasn’t for you.

We are making and doing our own journey. It is the basic in why we are here that is the simple part. Along with that we are making a brilliant story by integrating one another in different/myriad ways for the sake of learning what we are made of.

I had an interesting visit with my daughter, we are discussing past lives which we had not done specifically focused on her. When we did we also discovered why her biological father had to be so that a part of the karma could be taken care of and explained a lot of why he is no longer in the picture as well.

Lots of things are coming into the light and I will have to say I am able to get more now then I have been. I truly feel there is change in the dna and the light affecting the physical body.

Yes I am still trying to ‘talk’ to my cat and not much progress just yet. But I feel there is a good connection happening and that on some brief moments, I think he hears me. J

So what can I say, trust yourself about what is good for you and what is not and try to do no harm. We are all here to work this out together. And for those that feel they can’t then they will be leaving us to ‘do’ and perhaps go other places.

We are in an infinite environment, we are here to help Earth get where she needs to go and in the process we have been able to work through many levels of vibration and now we know how much we are capable of, to ‘do’ and perhaps assist another part of the galaxy ‘do’ this similar thing, to level up.

We could almost look at this as a video game without so much violence but then it would depend on the environment that has been established by the folks who have made their world what it has become. And we have created what we have, we are due for a changeover.

Be well and Do well with others. Love to all.


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