readings may clarify or not….

Kozzi-smiling-statue-441 X 294Seems like physical interaction and energy exchange will give us some realizations that we are seeking but may not have fully seen. We have much that we see and yet there are the intricacies that are hidden within and when the time is right we do receive the answers as we should.

The reading was very interesting and did not affect me the way I thought it would. I thought there would be more emotion to it but for some reason it did not invoke those things I believed would come such as the sadness or even tears.

You (who had done the reading) asked some questions at the time would seem by my own answers as wishful and yet that does not seem to be so (or again deluding oneself?). It actually brought more to light, at least to be looked at more.  When emotions are involved more time to ponder is needed.

As I asked when going to sleep for a short bit, I woke at about four am having gone to sleep about closer to two am, I asked what is it I should know and what it for the higher good for all involved.

What came through was that each carries something special that is important for self and those around them and I kept getting that I was a shield of some sort. Since it was more of a symbol I could not get the full meaning other than I am helpful in doing this ‘job’ for a lack of a better word. What I shield from I do not know.

Now to go back to the reading, there is this feeling that I will reach the destiny of being that spiritual being that is denoted via my numerology. Along with that there will be me doing what I came to do to help those that I gave a promise. I will know when things are complete and then will be allowed to let go.

Ok, haha one may not get a definitive on the completion time or phase, you are supposed to know (the signs are being vague). When the emotions are involved some times it comes across very gray. You know the zone, ugh!

just know things will come to light whether you wish for or not. we are at a pivotal time so explore your own knowing, you do know more than perhaps you allow yourself to see.

BE well and find your JOY in all. Happy Solstice. Love to all.



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