what is to come…soon

I just read his newest article from David Wilcock and see that the time is now upon us. I have been reading David’s website for a long time now and have always felt good about or a connection on the information given. There is discernment that is needed for anything that we read and just like most things when one is ready you are presented with teachers to provide you the information to be taken in to be accepted or not.

His (David’s) dreams have been interesting to read over the years and having gone into my own learning of dream interpretations for myself, I can see what is being stated as what he believes to be true. And yes I am of the mind this will be also.




In a dream I woke up from on Sunday, May 12th, at 9:15 am Pacific time, I was walking outside my house in the driveway, in daylight.

A person walked up to me in a white outfit — and he had a very unusual, radiant quality.


Cobra’s reference to the Event is something I do not fully feel okay with but feel that everyone who either knows or have received information on what is coming as the Shift of this planet, has bearing per their perception of.




Mass arrests of the Cabal are not merely a physical operation. So many Lightworkers {and definitely understandable for some who have been working day and night for this now for many years,} have been feeling frustration over the ‘delays’ as one might express it, time and time again. Yet there has never been a date given for ‘The Event’ and several months before December 21st 2012 Cobra informed us that the 21/12 would not be ‘The Event’ date. The delay in ‘The Event’ coming into being is because Spiritual support from Above, Below {Inner Earth evolved Society etc.} and not in least here on the surface, has been necessary, and is now necessary so that when the mass arrests happen human masses will not panic.

We are coming to a time of bigger change then what we have possibly thought. The quarantine rumors of this planet may be explained here and why we are here and our purpose of just being and what we may contribute to our own star family where we might have migrated from. There is much that is said here and I feel is worth the listen.


Andrew as a guest has so much information that makes my head spin but there seems to be lot of nuggets of truth that needs further thinking on.


The 66 planets was also stated on another previous radiotalkblog:


Chris Hale the host, Michael Monk, and Peter Shelton from Energy Masters talk with Andrew on how all this energy flows.


so you will know what is right with you and ‘feel’ with your heart how it should be especially when we are to be in a higher way of being and all that entails. As from the movie of Pride and Prejudice – “Don’t judge me Lizzy. Don’t you dare judge me.”

Here are a couple of articles worth reading for discernment, it made many valid points that I agree with.



Be the wonder that you Are!!







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