seeing a bridge…

a bridge to cross

i had been discussing many things with a powerful witch, understand that is just a name/term being used. The connotation does not do who she really is justice but that will be for later.

I have been trying very hard to be able to know what my role in all this is, so I have been through the years just flitting from groups or sections of the new-agers and so forth to figure this out. One thing that did come up was being some sort of representative of the general people/humans. Not sure what I was saying myself I asked if she was able to help me define what this may mean.

There was nothing other than a very interesting conversation that we always seem to have and perhaps even inspire within the other more thoughts or knowing of what is true.

With many visions that I haven’t been able to understand completely I am always trying to tie in what I saw to what is given and not in linear fashion what so ever. It becomes a puzzle to put together without the big picture being available. I know, how fun for discovery and yet very frustrating when you just have it and then not really. Ugh!

So the vision/message being given to myself shows a very small garden bridge and on one side there is the spiritual guru who is so beyond our low-level vibration that I have a very difficult time understanding him (well in this vision) and who seems to be saying how can these people be ready when they don’t have the proper discipline to become more spiritual (general edited version here), they are not ready! Then there I am standing on the middle of this bridge telling him that yes they have the start of getting to that point but they need to cross this bridge now so they can get more settled and be allowed to move even so slowly forward.

I am having to expand this bridge wide, like super wide to get this fleet of people over. The landscape has changed to show a bridge that is metal in structure over fast-moving mid-size river. The people are now moving onto the bridge and this crowd is moving towards the middle of this bridge. That is all that is being given for comparison sake.

Going back to the little bridge I had started out with, it is now very wide and the people crossing-over are smiling and very pleased to get to new level of being. This does not mean they have died and going through a transition this way.

This is telling that a major group of humans have now crossed into the New and there will be more moving over during this month of June. I feel if I am ‘seeing’ this then there are significant movement occurring so we are getting closer to having how the world has been to all the New of what we truly are to make a better world at this level we have come to.

I am told I have to just be which will allow more. Okay we’ll shall see how that goes. Be your own wonder and know you Are.


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