some thing this past weekend …June 1st

The last few days have been very foggy like and that has been an overlay for my days now. I think I know things and it would seem very clear and then I get turned around by more thoughts and then I am thinking I should have waited on some decisions. The heat here has been in the high 80’s and the 90’s and I feel it is adding to the pile of things I have to deal with.

My body has been expelling the heat as well and yes it could just be the age of the body but it is very telling lot of things are changing. Some things that have not been dealt with in an honest manner will still present itself and make one face the facts of whatever you feel may be wrong. The feeling is, this should level itself out very soon.

Let me share an experience I was feeling was going on. I came from the outside from my break time back into the building. I sat down at my desk to continue with my job at hand. I found myself seeing how I was giving each person at their desk a blue circle, like a piece of candy but it was much more. One person, I saw I was giving more than that, she was presented with a red, orange, yellow, and the blue with a green one too. this same person was also presented with a wrap, like being enveloped in a blanket of color, either multi colored or many layers of each color. I felt this person needed more at this time than the rest of the group that was there.

Then I could see I had also brought in some of the energy from the sun to be infused into where we are working. It was like a ball of energy that expanded until it filled the whole room. I think this might have been brought on by the fact I was feeling very cool in the inside as well as the room itself.

This day was odd to say the least. It actually had started with a vision of myself in the clouds with me meeting someone of either higher like being or my higher self. The persona appeared very golden like, as in glowing with this color of energy coming from this being. I say he but just as a matter of term, placed his finger to mine and it induced a vortex within me. It went counter-clockwise. Coincidence or not yahoo horoscope section mentioned I should open a figurative door today.

So have no real idea how to take things but I should meditate and ponder some more.


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