Posted in June 2013

guidance comes in many forms

Lots of bringing up emotions and feeling during this time of Solstice and full moon So with a friendly push from what is happening in a friend’s life and i thank her so very much, I was presented to look again at my own relationships, well one in particular. So in conjunction with the reading … Continue reading

readings may clarify or not….

Seems like physical interaction and energy exchange will give us some realizations that we are seeking but may not have fully seen. We have much that we see and yet there are the intricacies that are hidden within and when the time is right we do receive the answers as we should. The reading was … Continue reading

what is to come…soon

I just read his newest article from David Wilcock and see that the time is now upon us. I have been reading David’s website for a long time now and have always felt good about or a connection on the information given. There is discernment that is needed for anything that we read and just … Continue reading

seeing a bridge…

a bridge to cross i had been discussing many things with a powerful witch, understand that is just a name/term being used. The connotation does not do who she really is justice but that will be for later. I have been trying very hard to be able to know what my role in all this … Continue reading