my stewardship of my vehicle

The stewardship of my truck

I wanted to share something I realized in the last six years for me in relation with my truck. The battery came to an end in the last week and a half and I was just able to get a new one when I got my last paycheck.

While this was going on and waiting to get paid to pay for this battery I came to the realization that during my time with this truck I have had to have the brakes replaced, get the steering fixed, and now this battery. Those specific items seem to symbolize certain things for me.

The brakes were saying that I had taken control during that time which was about five years ago. The steering said that I was finally getting some direction in my life which seemed to have been about three years ago. Now the battery signifies that I am being energized with power in a new way during these changing times.

And just today that I can see I am not allowing to be sucked into other people’s drama, no matter how much they seem to act rudely, belligerent, or yelling in my ear. This is due to the job I currently have to survive in this 3D world as yet.

Now just yesterday was quite different. I was an emotional mess. I found myself very emotional about certain things and people in my life. What was surprising yesterday was the insight I was getting as well which induced the emotions that had come.

I believe what is happening is the closing of the eclipse sandwich that is bringing on more of what I should be and can be. My thoughts are of how I am thinking about what the New (earth) is supposed to be and for me it is very real than it has been before this eclipse sandwich started (from April 25 2013). So that is my change I have noticed.

This would give me some insight that I have been progressing and moving toward more knowing that we are opening up to now. There is more coming to us even if we think it just our gut feeling.

Here is an interesting perspective from the energy masters. Take a listen and make up your own mind.

it does make one wonder how long before much changes will actually occur. Yes it does depend on part what we do as humans to make the changes to Be, so BE well and find the joy in your own world.


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