Time is now to be more of what we came to be. Comfort, allowance, and having is all part of Now. Take in, do what feels good, and sense the goodness for all in the air.

With the disturbances and endings of the old ways, we need to maintain how we wish the Now to be.

Anticipation of this New is exciting and quite like Christmas time as a child is my feel, we just don’t know The day of things. May this be soon and happiness and joy be prevalent.

We are taking the step into this New. Much is being said with this full moon on the 25th of May. Some are to have completed to be more aware of the New to fully encompass what this may be for you.

See you there Now or Later, no one is better, we are always helping oneself in turn helping the whole. Be well, Be joyful, Be the wonder that you truly Are.



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