Posted in May 2013

my stewardship of my vehicle

The stewardship of my truck I wanted to share something I realized in the last six years for me in relation with my truck. The battery came to an end in the last week and a half and I was just able to get a new one when I got my last paycheck. While this … Continue reading


Time is now to be more of what we came to be. Comfort, allowance, and having is all part of Now. Take in, do what feels good, and sense the goodness for all in the air. With the disturbances and endings of the old ways, we need to maintain how we wish the Now to … Continue reading

Rocking Along

May is Rocking With all that is going on with the beginning of May, I do feel great amount of energies that I felt I wasn’t doing too well with. I felt so bloated and my middle expanded, not in a good way or is it ever haha, that I thought I was gaining weight … Continue reading