the start of some things

Another phase has begun

This eclipse sandwich that is being spoken of is now upon us and for those of the sensitive nature can ‘feel’ something occurring. With the moon eclipse that was on April 25th we are on our way to much that is to be. this month of May that is just around the corner can be felt to be a bit chaotic mixture of excitement and messiness.

We are at another pass of change that will make huge difference to the current landscape. There have been much changes within us and without. Now there will be evidence of it around us to start seeing the tangible things that we have been waiting to see.

For those who have invested in those currencies that are about to change will now have their chance at ‘doing’ and participating for the bigger changes they can feel will make differences to those around them.

This should bring out the better in people but for those ‘holding’ the light we might have to bring our strength up to full capacity. No fear is needed, only the knowing that it can be and will be, so it shall be.

Feel into this for yourself and know that we are at a great time for we have chosen to be here to do and be. Fare thee well.


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