assemblage of people

Assemblage of people 3-12-13

I have been reading for so long about people being directed or redirected to where we should be and the people we may encounter who may have the same interest. Well I think I am finally getting an understanding of all that.

During our journey of going where we are needed/required and meeting those on the way who may be helpful in our learning or vice versa has I believe always been, I just didn’t figure my family in the mix. I now can better understand all that time I thought I was just hanging out with my family it was for a purpose and some meaning. I mean we are always learning something or taking in some lesson for oneself or with them or helping along side.

So last year in the big expectations of 2012 I had to move twice – both had their conclusions and lessons given and picked up on multi levels. For some things concluded leaving one space then allowed me to conclude something else in the other space. Once that was done I had the push to move the second time to my current space. Here without much knowing and the feeling of what the heck am I suppose to do now thoughts, the path has led me to persons with awaken state of being.

There are no coincidences and I truly believe that. There are great many things I am experiencing and of course I am ready for them as they come to me now. In 2009 the door had been jolted open wide, a lot came and continue to come. Before that was just a sliver and an outline of a door, it had remained that way for a long time.

I will say I can see where certain people have come into my life who have triggered or have been a catalyst to allow this more awakened state. They know who they are. I am very honored by their participation to my own growth and hope that I am and have given something in turn to help as well.

We are all searching for answers, we just don’t always get them in the format we may understand at the time. As we move through our stages, we are able to get that understanding easier or perhaps quicker. We have to do our due diligence of course.

I can say I am having more astral travels as it seems to me. I don’t believe they are out-of-body. This would relate to the changing energies that the sun has been sending our way.

Let me mention the last Matthew message made me sad. This is only because due to certain factors we are dragging this out and I had hoped we had been moving a bit quicker. Yes most of what he says resonates with me but you need to discern for yourself.

Here is the link:


let me include my most recent experience –

it started with a simple candle for prosperity that I had been given to do. This lead me to have an encounter with a presence in a mountain ridge. I had been woken with belly pains and a horrendous headache, used the restroom and got a Tylenol. I tried to get back to sleep by releasing the pressure of the headache. I fell into a dozing state and felt myself flying/floating toward this mountain, as I am following the road going up I feel a presence only, who is asking me prosperity for yourself or for all. I answered that I wanted this for all.

Here I felt I passed a barrier of sorts and now I saw this humongous figure, it felt very masculine but surprisingly neutral. The instant fear left me. It asked me this question again about prosperity and what I recall is I said the same thing from before.

He turned at that point and seemed to blend back in the top of the mountain, like he was the mountain. What I saw was it started glowing green, like emerald city, got brighter and expanded. I started coming back to the physical body….


please Be joyful in your life and Be happy with your choices. We each do for our own life lessons and some times we ask for things into our life that would seem unpleasant. Be aware that some times we do want the hardship vs someone’s healing.

Time is for creating and knowing….allow yourself.



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