to serve

To serve 2.28.13

We tend to serve those around us in varied forms. It is especially difficult when learning something new. That balance of doing what you perceive you should vs what or more how you can do the job. It sometimes comes at odds for this to be accomplished for one to obtain the level of initial learning of a skill.

First it would seem you understand the job a certain way for several reasons and since you do not have the new language in place no one seems to understand what the heck you are asking and why you may be doing the task in a certain way. They, the ones you are currently serving, do not understand you nor can they see that they are most difficult to understand.

You do feel like you have arrived at a country that has learned the language in school but have no idea what you mean when speaking those words.

So you serve by doing what they want even though you know how you want to accomplish said task by deviating only because you have discovered over time that you work better doing such and such a certain way. But still they cannot seem to understand what you are conveying so you wind up having to mess up your established pattern to satisfy those you are currently serving.

Then comes you time to go solo on said task. You know yourself and how better you can function but by the time you got here, you got all messed up serving those currently in your field.

Don’t get me wrong, we are to serve and should serve others for the betterment of ourselves but along with that is the needed respect that no one seems to show you since no one seems to understand your dialect.

But truth to tell that has been my whole life. This is a small sample, so if you were able to follow, we could be great friends.

Anywho I am going through a rough moment and it to shall pass, as they say and I know there is something I am to get out to it and I will discover that later since my focus surely is not there for me right now.

Have a wonderful March and we are all expectant for what is to come even if it is just some announcements. Be joyful and be happy. Take care everyone.



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