the time has come

There has been this thought since I realized that we may not have this instantaneous changeover from this world of duality to the golden age. What will the new year 2013 bring and how will it unfold. I have been pondering and most of my thoughts would come around to numerology to explain what or more how it may unfold.

With January resonating with the number 1 energy this is where the big push comes and this could have been the inauguration speech which said/felt a lot to me of what is to be shortly. It was an introduction of goodwill and telling of what is to come such as true freedom via the Nesara law and the prosperity packages that are spoken of, the free energy, and releasing of technologies that are already known and finally the disclosure of our star families.

Then February resonating with the number 2 energy I felt the balance that was to take place so that what was stated in January could come about.

Now March resonating with the number 3 of communication should actually convey some of this information to the public so that we can actively and knowingly participate in this transition.

For April resonating with # 4 should have the grounding of all this taking place where the foundation will form so we may continue to co-create our new Earth and this golden age.

This is how I will leave this and continue with later.

Here are some articles that seem to resonate in part of what I speak.


This touches on the inaugural speech.

speaks of the geological changes.

under title: Time of Transition for Planet Earth

  A Time of Planet wide Earth Changes

more noting of power figures and nesara

and Benjamin Fulford’s say

of course there are many things that are being stated but you will need to be discerning and find what resonates with you.

Allow the truth to come forth and feel your own power or knowing and understanding blossom. Find the joy and all you do. Be happy. And smile a lot.




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