it just will…

As many seem to say during this time, the many relationships will continue or not depending on what each believes. It is not about how much we like or love anyone. We love all beings whether we like them or not, that is not the question. We have this purpose we are to do and much about this time is to figure it out or start feeling the knowing of what that is. Now if you are one of the lucky ones, I congratulate you. For I am one of the many that has not felt the fullness or have the big picture as it were.

There is supposed to be the assemblage of persons to form your group. Well that hasn’t happened either. So what does this all say…I am not sure exactly. One thing that seems is I still have to play in this 3D-ness so I needed a job to get through this time. Meaning funds are still required if I am to have a roof over my head and still needing to eat as well.  The other thing was, it was actually difficult to get another one at this point in time but I guess it is good to say at least I got it. Yeah me.

I even understand why there seem to be blockages too. I figured it out that in this new energies that we have around and in us this old way of doing is not too aligning so it may have proven difficult for me to get this part accomplished. Late on all bills but hey I am believing that all will be helpful  during this process that I find myself in. I am feeling that deep within so it is a good sign. I still get smidge of fear poking in but I have been successful in banishing this with bigger feelings of ‘this is all going to work out, don’t know how but it just will’ and off I go to the next thing.

I have been working on this for a bit and it is getting easier to do even if a bit scary. It is work but these new energies are perhaps making it easier also.

Be the light and shine ever so bright, it helps all of us to make it so much better here on this new earth.


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