a visualization – what it may mean

Kozzi-vector-coin-1280 X 1640

Let me say there has not been much progress in my attempts of visualization techniques or perhaps what I should say is there has not been any real results to speak of. I have worked with what comes to me once I balance and center and allow for my highest good to come through. There has been a couple of years of ‘seeing’ a lot and I do mean a lot of gold in those visuals. Mostly for all to receive and have done but this time was a bit different.  So with that said Let me tell you about my most current vision that I received

I was in a room watching as pouches of gold was coming in to be weighed and measured. I had gotten this part for a few of my visuals and no more than. I finally saw that this was not for me directly but for all who asks for this. As I was making my daily appreciation that to allow all to receive abundance as they allow themselves, I finally saw the people line up at the windows in the other room off of the one where I was watching the gold coming in. Which I had not noticed until this day.

There were people literally popping in like in Harry Potter to stand in line waiting their turn to go up to the window, much like a teller’s window at a bank to ask for their gold. Here I believe this would be symbolic of asking for our worth or what we desire in the form of monetary means. as I noticed each person asked for differing amounts, some I saw would generally ask for two bags of gold and then there were others taking one or five bags full. Depending on their needs.

There seemed to be no limit and no one is turned away. But as I got to the window it felt that many people finally got this idea and were rushing in behind me as I had finally made it to this line and was next to get to the teller’s window.

vector image of credit card and other various icons

This visual was from Feb 4th 2013 and have been pondering about it. As many people have invested in foreign currencies I was wondering if this might have been me tapping into that part and with the energies changing and during this phase ‘things were to make sudden transitions” which is from GaiaPortal blog.

here is the full entry:

Transformations and transitions experienced during the 2-2-13 through 2-13-13 may be sudden, un-”expected”, and en-(In)-Lightening. All stones are being upturned in order to assist alignment with the true Light within each.

Humans are realizing/becoming Hue-mans, and stone-upturning at this time period is required.

Those who resist will be nudged, often strongly, to “cease and desist”. And to search within for the vision of their Higher Hue-man Self.

Be in your joy, and all will proceed smoothly.

My thoughts make me go there about the RV’s that are to happen and then all the other pieces like prosperity packages that is to be for all of humanity. For all that are having a difficult time, I believe it is time to no longer have to experience this lack and more to have abundance is all parts of our lives.

Be well and feel the wonder of changes that are coming to the fro for all of humanity. Love to all. Stay strong and know all is in divine order.



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