the start of something brighter

flower in the sun

We seem to have varied ideas for how and possibly when the abundance to the people should be and occur. The ones that are in the know or have more information and in the thick of this are the ones that are making a motion of movement. I feel as if the rest are waiting and trying to understand the energies about the gold, silver, or paper in the value of.

I get the concept of energies that these items carry and to be used in that way for creation, and yet it seems a bit beyond my grasp for actual implementation. How to proceed while trying to just survive in this mess of things yet, I am having more fundamental issues, I feel have to just muddle through. Perhaps my own impatience is blocking my own abundance energy to get any forward motion.

I cannot relax enough to better grasp this part of the transformation and there is little of my own energy that can seem to go there since everything in me is going towards having to be able to shelter, feed, and clothe myself. It makes one feel I am back in a third world country but they can do this much better since they have been doing this for so long.

Not meant in any way derogatory – being adopted from one country to another you can remember the differences that were. Not to digress but to give perspective.

It would seem funds will be needed in the interim to allow us that transition time to get to the more elevated way of doing and being. I myself have been working on myself for my whole lifetime and yet been surrounded by most that do not understand why I do how I do and ultimately they do seem to fall away.

So to be clear I am looking forward to being abundant in all forms and all parts of my life and do wish this on all those that would accept this as the new way of being. I pray each morning or at least most mornings that to please allow abundance for all – Lady Gaia and all her residents.

It might be time for that beginning of things to come out of the starting gate.

There is much that is about to transpire. Most of those that have been working on themselves and acknowledging this ascension process will be more able to adapt to much that will come about. Even those that feel more balanced will be able to process within to be able to stay in harmony for themselves and for those around them to get through most of what is to ‘comes out’ in our MSM (main stream media) and how the announcements will change the world that we live in.

We are ready and felt have been ready for a long time. So for those just like myself who have been preparing in their own way, it is that time.

Even with the thought there was something that happened but nothing that I can really see so did it really happen thoughts from Dec 2012, I do feel there was pause for integration and now is time for expressing what we have processed. This is more to say I have ‘felt’ there is a great swelling of something and my own impatience was blocking my own abundance but now the floodgates are about to open to begin the tangible aspects for all of humanity.

I think the bigger thoughts are we are here for each other and there is always something that will benefit someone around us. It may not be apparent but know that if we are following our own guidance of our higher self that we should know we are making the right choices. One of the sayings i try and do is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I think that is a quote from the bible and I do try for the greater part to do so.

I wish for all of us the more lighter and joyous prospect of how and what we do now for the betterment of this new world that we find ourselves in. Do and Be what we have come to do and know that we can be the wonders and have the brighter beautifulness of life that we wish for ourselves which in turn is for all.


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