Posted in February 2013

to serve

To serve 2.28.13 We tend to serve those around us in varied forms. It is especially difficult when learning something new. That balance of doing what you perceive you should vs what or more how you can do the job. It sometimes comes at odds for this to be accomplished for one to obtain the … Continue reading

the time has come

There has been this thought since I realized that we may not have this instantaneous changeover from this world of duality to the golden age. What will the new year 2013 bring and how will it unfold. I have been pondering and most of my thoughts would come around to numerology to explain what or … Continue reading

Money and Me

Money and me What can I say is everything seems to tie in with the value we see as money. For me since I don’t seem to have any brings up the question why. Why is it that those around me seem to be able to attract it somehow even if they deem it to … Continue reading

it just will…

As many seem to say during this time, the many relationships will continue or not depending on what each believes. It is not about how much we like or love anyone. We love all beings whether we like them or not, that is not the question. We have this purpose we are to do and … Continue reading

I don’t usually reblog just haven’t felt to do. This speaks to me. I have been in this similar situation and finally I can understand gratitude, appreciation, and the grace that goes with this. It is explained very well. I thank you for this post.

a visualization – what it may mean

Let me say there has not been much progress in my attempts of visualization techniques or perhaps what I should say is there has not been any real results to speak of. I have worked with what comes to me once I balance and center and allow for my highest good to come through. There … Continue reading

the start of something brighter

We seem to have varied ideas for how and possibly when the abundance to the people should be and occur. The ones that are in the know or have more information and in the thick of this are the ones that are making a motion of movement. I feel as if the rest are waiting … Continue reading