another dream another message

dollar sign on sign post I have been thinking and most might agree, we have been in a pause period and seemingly waiting on something to occur. There has been things happening such as the OPPT which American KabukiRTS, and Kauilapele’s Blog have been most helpful to inform us in layman terms what this is all about. and with Lisa Harrison on BlogTalkRadio for the show last night to further the understanding. I am of the thought this is right and will move us all forward to the next things to be.

Since there was no tangible evidence of something having occurred on Dec 21st we are becoming a bit weary of when anything good will happen. Where it will be felt, when or where it will have a forward momentum to help those hard hit by the economy and such so that we are also doing something more. It will be like a wave when it gets going. I know we should be patient and hold the light. Now there is the feeling that we should be doing….things on a tangible basis, like using our hands to get some work done. I feel this very strongly for the last couple of days. I know the Full Moon and more from the Sun has come to play so I am of the mind, We should be getting to do things as well.

It is time now to move this along. We are ready and willing, time for the announcements and change-over that is to be.

I was going to talk about another dream that occurred about a week ago. but i needed to say the above, I suppose.

There is a part of my dream that is relevant to what is going on, is my thought. Here is the part of my dream that seem to say a few things about current situation.

Dream section~

Then we were all dressed up and going to some event. Don’t recall event but we all came back going towards hotel and was coming to a platform. There were workers about the platform, I knew since there was no stairs that I would have a hard/difficult time getting onto this platform. Neal had been holding my arm walking back. He was able to jump right up onto and I went to side section and placed my bottom on it and swung around. He came to give me a hand to get up. He was very attentive and sweet about everything.

There is another time we are walking to this hotel but we are entering from another entrance. He says he needs to take care of some things and heads up the stairs that has a glass door in front of it. {the sun was setting and it was reflecting in the glass that is the door}

I had felt slow going here and that my knees felt locked up since I am in a dress and walking slowly. The sun is reflecting off the glass door. I notice that I try for a handle on the wrong side to get it open. Then realized my knees were not locked up and had easier time getting up the stairs. At the top there are men coming out of the showers like a locker room. I get past them and thru another door. There are passageways. I am being told by the other couple that Neal took care of things since we had to be moved to another room. It was getting full and we were staying longer is my thought.

the interpretation~

We have come to a new operating system and there is work still being applied to this- fine tuning. Some are easily adapting to this and others are finding ways to do so. This could be more me than all, we should be flexible or bendable to what is so that we may go up to the next level (ascension). So with the setting sun we are closing on this current level (3D) and moving on, we are able to see it and know where it is to move up hence the glass door. Once we attain the next, there will be much revealed to us so that we may then make choices for furthering our journey through this next part. I feel it is all been taken care of and not much more that we need to do, now.

So what do i get from this and what i said about the beginning of this entry….that we have moved up and still adapting to our new-ness and we seem not be aware that we have arrived. This week is time for things to move and we shall see more. There is another article of NESARA announcements for 2013, how true is this, you have to feel into that for yourself.

Know we are all here for a good reason and we will make it. Be the light and feel the joy of just being you. You are loved beyond measure!


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