a dream, what did it say


my dream came to me 1.13.13, I reread this dream and believe it was reinforcing the idea of what is about to happen.

the dream

There is a house but it is a neighbors. Things are being hidden in this rectangular shaped hole, which is then covered by a very large plywood. I feel like it is all the bad stuff being or having been put in thereĀ  – like waste comes to mind when I think of that pit of deception. They are wanting to sell their place but do not want to divulge this piece that is on the property. I feel that is wrong to do.

I am able to talk to the buyers but I think it is after the fact. I try to explain that so much bad has been put there. When I come to this scene later in the day I feel like we all decide to place this on fire. To purify and cleanse all that is bad, so we do. In the dream I recall jumping on this plywood now we have been able to have it cave in after it blows up due to all the gas build up.

We felt it shake and reverberate throughout the countryside. Like a lot of people were able to feel this happening and possibly understand this was to begin all the good changes that we had been expecting to happen on the 21 of dec last year. It is actually good what is happening.

I also see as symbolically speaking there is someone like Aunt Jemima coming out of the house that is on the property and we all hug and stand arm in arm while the fire is taking care of this bad stuff. Then the heavens open up to bring the rains to put out this fire since it is time to cleanse and transmute all of the bad stuff.

interpretation ~

What i realize with the change taking place per the inauguration, even though we have the same President, there will be a purging that will take place now and this fire of the waste and the reverberating shock waves that is felt by all in the dream seems to relate to whatever change that is put forth will take away the bad and will shock all the people of the world.

this cleansing will take us away from the slavery that we are in and feel. Our repression will be lifted and we will feel good and happy for all people.

This is what i felt when i reread this dream just last night. may this be and so it is.

Be well and Be joyful.



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