Courage, strength, & bit of magic


I was watching Merlin a British tv series which relays their rendition of King Arthur and Merlin. In this particular show Arthur is going on a quest and he is to go alone to prove his worth for becoming the next king. Since there was a ploy by the dark to kill him, others ended up in this quest to help even if he was to have done this alone.

So this got me thinking about our chosen path and of course the intent is to go it alone and do what we need to and learn what we should but if there is something thrown in to make it unfair in some way, others will need to assist in some manner. From all this, so far, I am to know I feel this was something that the Earth herself has gone through in some manner and along with her we also will have to in like manner, get out of this darkness as well.

There is a phrase from Lisa Gawles that was given to her from her guides, Aware is NOT awake.

Which resonates with me and yet I don’t fully get this yet myself. But wow what a statement. It makes a lot of sense for those believing they know yet they do not. Here is another phrase from Fringe, sci-fi tv series on FOX which is on it’s last season and soon it’s season finale, this phrase coming from our future selves, You do not know what you do not know. This is a very curious thing to say. To place it in context a future being, a human being who stated this to our current human-being.  In the series we call the future ones as the Observers, which is what they do but then they decide to over run us at some point in our timeline.

So we might have a lot of awareness and yet we are still asleep and we do not know what we do not know…what I get from these two phrases, we have much to learn and the journey has only just begun.

To get back to the three items that were mentioned, there is much courage and strength that is displayed around the world wanting the change for betterment of humanity and yet nothing seems to be moving as quickly as we would like. Now comes the magic that seems to be the missing ingredient that might be missing from all of this. We do want the change and yet we are forgetting to place our ‘magic’ into the mix. The stories and information is all out there in the world, and they have displayed the courage and strength to keep on, with showing this to the light. Now we all have to believe this to BE. We are the magic and we have to throw our pixie dust into the equation.

Just like believing in Tinker Bell. We have to push all of this to forward motion. The momentum has been building and we are in the final crescendo. We all play a part in this grand show whether it be small or great, it is all okay.

That’s okay if you don’t think I am right, all choices are honored. I just have to get my energies out and put my part into the mix.

Feel what is right for you. Be happy and Be joyful.









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