observations on my own changes


I have noticed much change but still not clear as I wish this to be on what I should be doing now. I have started asking for clarity on a nightly basis or even when I want to ask throughout the day. this is helping a bit. there also have been in the last six months more ‘visions’ or daytime dreaming.  They have been very descriptive and detailed for me, I just have to understand the symbolism that it is being conveyed here.

I am noticing my dreams are more detailed and more movie like then previously, meaning there is less grainy-ness in my viewing I suppose. It is less disjointed than just a year ago. There is more depth to them and meaning in symbolism as well. I have been doing my own interpretation of dreams and feel I am getting the messages for myself that I should.

I am feeling the presence of my ‘team’ or guides but no direct communication and seeing light in the peripheral vision especially from behind to the right side of me but that has dimmed going further into January.

My dialogue with my self but thinking this is my higher self has been more chatty and learning to allow a more continuous flow with the ‘talking’ that is done has its challenges. I question if I am making up the answers as I go so I have to let go of trying to make it happen and if it stops to go do other things. What i get as first hit on what I am asking seems to be the likely right answer so-say.

Those visual things we are encouraged to do for manifesting had been limiting but as the new energies we are playing with seems to have allowed me have more of an interactive and prolonged sessions with my visions. No real results from them as yet.

I had been one of those I do not get sick in the usual sense. The colds and flu bug all would pass me by in the past. Well this past Oct-Nov I did not do as well. It came to the point that I took a lot of time off from work which then ended badly but perhaps it was sign for moving on as well.

A word on being sick or ill, I am of the feeling this currently is for the adjustments of our physical bodies to phase us in. some of the adjustments are un-balancing yet and produce this illness of the body as that side effect. This I feel is to prepping so we may be able to work with and play in this new energies to be then more productive and assist others.

I thought this would be helpful to other(s). Be what is truth for you.








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