recognizing the new era



I have now accepted the fact that this will go much slower than what we all had hoped for in Dec 21, 2012. Yes, like many of you, I was looking for that dramatic change that we had been told about and in turn had turned it into to something that was ‘supposed to be.’ Finally got through the disappointment and going forward towards what do we want the new world to be.

I have the knowing that something did occur so I am with the group that is feeling there was ‘something’ and maybe like me not really sure what it was. It is continuing as we flow into this new year of 2013 and the month of January and will do so throughout this year. I am looking forward to the new things that are to come and integrate them as the energy are available. I can say I seem to be having no understanding other than to say that I am integrating the energies. So I am asking my guides to help me with this and I say this only because, I keep seeing this glow or light from the back to my right side of my peripheral vision since the last week of Dec 2012.

This has been interesting phase since all I keep doing is looking for what is different, since I am, like many, wanting something tangible so we can give our 3D/4D self that there really has been this change and it is real. At the same time our 5D self is saying, what are you doing, it is fine and you are well.

This resonated with me today. I read that Lady Gaia has completed her ascension but there has been a very small part that is 3D and 4D to allow those that have not completely come through more time to do so. I really felt this is correct. Sorry not sure who had written about that.

Now from written by Steve Beckow talking about Nova Earth and how they are making some plans to do prior to the NESARA coming forth.

Here is the Golden Age of Gaia’s movement to getting things started and moving while we wait which also provides some thought to what do we do now.

There is a lot of things that have come into the light to convey to me that things are changing but all within the game that has been played which is now coming to its end. Along with this ending all of these things coming to light says to me that the new has already started perhaps slower and different from all of or most of us had thought.

Continuing to look forward and do what is necessary for one can be challenging yet. There are plenty to learn as well as understanding what the changes to oneself is all about. And in turn there are more questions that come up, it is inevitable, the more know the more one questions.

As my own intuition is telling me from the 3rd to the 18th of this month of Jan, there should be enough of something like a blast to get this party started for this year. As I read in an article – once the bottleneck is clear then we will have a lot happening one right after the other. No I have no idea what that something is supposed to be.

I also had a dream of finally purifying and transmuting the bad collectively that we are free from the slavery that it held us in. that was 13th of Jan when I had that dream. . Otherwise I can take it as the fire has started and the blast should be next, no not literally. My dreams are usually symbolic in nature.

With the new moon of the 11th, I was feeling an active motion.  Without any results showing that is tangible I tend to get down. It’s wanting some validation that we are in the new and not having the same-ole still. Until we having something concrete I think most of us will be looking for this something.

Love and Light to all….


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