Posted in January 2013

another dream another message

I have been thinking and most might agree, we have been in a pause period and seemingly waiting on something to occur. There has been things happening such as the OPPT which American Kabuki, RTS, and Kauilapele’s Blog have been most helpful to inform us in layman terms what this is all about. and with Lisa Harrison on … Continue reading

a dream, what did it say

  my dream came to me 1.13.13, I reread this dream and believe it was reinforcing the idea of what is about to happen. the dream… There is a house but it is a neighbors. Things are being hidden in this rectangular shaped hole, which is then covered by a very large plywood. I feel … Continue reading

Courage, strength, & bit of magic

  I was watching Merlin a British tv series which relays their rendition of King Arthur and Merlin. In this particular show Arthur is going on a quest and he is to go alone to prove his worth for becoming the next king. Since there was a ploy by the dark to kill him, others … Continue reading

observations on my own changes

  I have noticed much change but still not clear as I wish this to be on what I should be doing now. I have started asking for clarity on a nightly basis or even when I want to ask throughout the day. this is helping a bit. there also have been in the last … Continue reading

recognizing the new era

  I have now accepted the fact that this will go much slower than what we all had hoped for in Dec 21, 2012. Yes, like many of you, I was looking for that dramatic change that we had been told about and in turn had turned it into to something that was ‘supposed to … Continue reading