the slow progression


rollingtuscan landscape at dusk

The slow progressive phase… a dawning for most of us.


Ok I need to write this down before I forget too much of the details. I have noticed just like many of you that we have decided to take the slow and less chaotic route to get through this ascension process. And with that we are somewhat disappointed and less enthused perhaps but that is not quite it either. Most of us were looking for that instant remembering and ah-ha like moment when all literally came clear to us.

Yes and like many of you having this not happen meant either all was a farce or there is more to come but at a slower pace than we may have thought we wanted. So with great contemplation of what is now and what was thought of for this time, I meditated on it since then. These few days into the new era of being as I am seeing this is has been enlightening and I am seeing glimmers of changes that make this ‘feel’ different and even brighter somehow.

Here is my experience thus far – there have been some minor changes that I can feel happening to me. Please understand some of this has been happening for some time especially the headaches. I have been hot and cold most nights these couple of months but the strangest has been since the 21st of Dec. which is where the body feels like it is vibrating literally. It feels like I am on a vibrating surface and I am feeling its effects but in this case the body is actually vibrating.

I have questioned this since I live right off the street and in an old house that has been segmented into apartments. This has happened twice since the auspicious day and even the morning light seems very bright, not just because the sun is shining but that it is brighter as I awake. It makes me feel there is some difference in the air and that it will be better in the coming days for all of us as a humanity moving into another phase of being.

Let me speak of meditation and what does come to me during those times and others too. I was never one to ‘do’ the conventional process of meditating. It never truly fit me so I finally realized that I did not need to do it like everyone says. There is focus and freeing of the mind then allowing myself to know what i seemingly do not which brings forth what may need to be known now. I do feel more allowance for this to be for myself and as I am going about my day there are moments when thoughts do come that is relevant to my journey here. I just need to pay more attention as I go along. Sometimes it seems so natural that I do not mark it for later reviewing and it just is rather than the strange thing that is happening.

So far I am not one that does anything unusual but rather what I believe is the average stuff that most of us are now going through. I try to see by way of the tools that we have been using such as dreams, numerology, and our intuition for what we question during our stay here.  I feel now we will start having more of the clarity from our own knowing since we are to go back to what we are, true beings of light.

There are many questions that all of us have and wanting the changes that were thought to be for this new golden age, I guess there is a bit more time for us to move into the changes. Here is the thought that is in my mind, that this year will be like a transitional period, the last-minute of things whether it be changes for the individual or for the world as a whole. Many will still leave yet and much change to our economy and the world of politics. There will be a lot of movement. We will be amazed at the speed things will now move along but we will welcome these changes as well. All I can say is, it has to get better than what is now!

As for myself, I have the feeling I will be traveling a lot and meeting new people (but we probably know each other from before) and will be doing some sort of work (but it will not feel like work) that will be beneficial for myself and everyone else, now understand that doesn’t make any sense since I don’t currently have a job – in the process of trying to obtain one and will know later this week – I am on fumes in the so-called bank account, so yes none of that would make any sense. Here is where the feelings I have of what is to come that says otherwise. So by writing this now for all to see I will find out how true this is. Yes a test of sorts if you will.

I will leave this with, may all receive their own time the clarity and wisdom that we would want for now and later. Be the wonder that you seek and know that you are important in this circle that has been created by all of us. All choices are yours to do and all is honored since you are no less than any of us.

Love to all!!



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