Validation from a dream

We have all questioned this ascension thing especially within the last 6-10 years for some of us and for others it’s probably been their whole lives. Now there has been moments where I have felt that things were just not right somehow but could never really put a finger on it. Always felt the longing to have more, never understanding that we had to be this way for this time we had chosen to come to be.

I don’t know about the rest of you but this life has not been great, I must have given myself a fairly difficult course to go through. I know it could have been worse but there is that saying we do not get any more than we can handle. so I must have been more than happy when I was making plans to do this life time. Yeah….you do wish you could know what the purpose is so that you could as least have an understanding of what you wanted to accomplish. It is always stated we could not get what we needed if we knew any of it. This is Earth school, only the bravest come here, so they say.

so let’s get to this recent dream that I had a couple of days ago. here I will insert what I had written so I would not forget.

the dream:

I feel stuck in the dirt and my lower half is still dangling –  so it feels it is not encased. I am wondering how to get out of this, and I get that I would need to love myself more to be able to get unstuck. This comes after struggling a bit physically speaking. It is odd that once I question I am able to get the answer to my situation. So I muster from deep within and feel my heart center expand and glow is how I am picturing this, finally it just bursts by expanding into this big glow around me. Now I do not know how long this took. Once I started getting released where the packed dirt around starts feeling loose and finally fall away from me, I realize that there are others around me.

It is a field of us, all packed in like a field of corn or something planted. Now as I have started to remove myself of this place the person next to me that is still struggling is asking how did you do it. I tell him, it is all about loving yourself….he took a bit and I saw that he was able to get out too.

I can see more than half the field has gotten lose some are trying to help the others but others are just running from the place jumping and yelling full of joy of having gotten free. My thoughts are that I should be leaving now that I have done what I could. This was one of the last thoughts in this dream line that I was getting.

The conclusion that I got was for one Love is what is needed to get to this new density they speak of and that more than half of this world is now ready to go forward. This must mean that the tipping point is there. Our light is shining brightly. So shine on everyone we are almost there.

Love to all.


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