Freedom to discover


The Freedom to Discover…

Allowance is the key. Everyone has the right to find things out in their time and space. No one should unless asked for guidance give their understanding of any given situation. If I have a knowing that I get about something someone is doing or going to do, I do have to keep things to myself.

I have, as of late been given insight or intuition about some things and have to allow them to play out for them and not interfere.

The third eye has been opening and a lot of information is flooding in. there is a need to be discerning in what is received as well. The filter suggestion is to ask for the knowing for your highest good.

As I tune in and focus I am getting enough to work with now. I have felt I had been lost for very long and now there is more that I feel to get things done. I am realizing that I also need to live how I am perceiving life should be, mainly that it should be as simple as I can make it. Which should in turn give me all that is needed to have the life I should and make it through this time of the shift.

It is time for me to leave the stress of a job that does not feel right for me, the only draw is for the time that we are in, is decent money and yet helping people in this capacity is not what I wish.

We need to help or assist to heal whether it is just ourselves and/or those around us. I have been given the basics of survival and yet I keep missing the point since I still seem to want more. Is it the old programming of what life should be or is it the knowing of what some things need to be. I see the potential and yet I am not getting where I need to go in personal relationships.

Yes what I thought would be a solid relationship has gone away, the choice being their own. What I wanted , they did not. What can I say, I saw more and thought it could be and now it is no more.

The possible future we might be given is not set in stone, by each of our choices it will change. I am saddened and the heart is bruised somewhat. Yes, they were honest to the extent they never promised me a rose garden and yet how interacted made me feel otherwise.

I did accept what was given and I did give what I felt I could. I guess I was not enough and not to keep on about it, if it cannot be seen by the other then it cannot be at all.

So the lesson is to listen to your heart and intuition and you will be guided by your highest good.



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