Posted in August 2012

energy enhancement

For further effect It is interesting what life seems to throw your way. Since I lost my house I thought how worse can it get. Well it should not be answered since the answer can be and will be worse. You think you had it now comes more your way. So lose my house now … Continue reading

trusting oneself

  To trust or not… What does one do when what you do is not syncing with your heart. You feel terrible when you are doing the job that everyone else sees as something right, making fair amount of money and so forth. Why am I questioning myself well you see what I felt and … Continue reading

Freedom to discover

  The Freedom to Discover… Allowance is the key. Everyone has the right to find things out in their time and space. No one should unless asked for guidance give their understanding of any given situation. If I have a knowing that I get about something someone is doing or going to do, I do … Continue reading

a broken heart

  A broken heart… We all want some love. I thought I could get away with not having to deal with that since my divorce so many years ago. Foolish me allowed myself to get caught up in what I thought could have been something more. Well the truth came to be that it was … Continue reading