High expectations

We seem to want and have high expectations of oneself. Along with wanting to do the right things, when we learn something new we expect to get it and do it quickly. Now if for any reason we don’t ‘get it’ in a short bit of time, we give ourselves a very hard time about it

There is a reasonable amount of time that we should have for the integration of new information, but most of us do not give enough time allowance to take in and then do the job required.  I am being shown that ‘time’ is needed to perfect any thing you decide to learn or have to learn for your job (let’s say), so while in the process allow yourself that grace to ‘get it’.

It is perfectly fine not to be that perfect agent or know all things required. The need is know your references of who, what, and where to go to get the information required. Not all will have the patience for you and that too will be part of the learning curve.

So the lesson seems to be – it is okay to take time to get your bearings and to be able to muddle through what you need to know and what you should know so be okay with the process!!

Keep your light burning and know you are infinite being who is ready for that next step. Light and love to all.


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