more Dreams & Visions

It is time to trust that inner knowing we have been cultivating but possibly not trusting or utilizing. This June is allowing us to receive more of this to work with. For those of you who have been trusting yourselves, I say please continue. And the rest should consider listening more closely to what is being given to them.

One thing about all of this, you should resonate with your information otherwise the source is not for your highest good. The trick is to figure this part out. Once you ask for what is for your highest good and all that might be involved, you should at least consider the information given. In my case I was given and expansion of a previous vision on what is currently going on. That is the feeling, I am waiting for this validation since that part is not my own choice but another’s, so when they have completed their part, I should know if that is still in the future.

For my part there so many variations to what I am thinking that I am being told that it is to be. I was told that I waver too much and so I have been working on that since the end of last year. With all the changes that have gone on during this time I think perhaps I haven’t been consistent. Yet the thought I would get is that in due time it is to be.

Not that I make predictions/projections but I have noticed of myself when I talk recently and allow it to just flow, it is showing me that I am being fairly accurate. This is not my talent but it is showing me what I am possibly capable of. It is interesting the signs shown to me for allowing me to know that I am tapping into the knowing. So I am on the right path.

I have been taking time to myself to really question what is the next step for the highest good of me and what is to come to so I can go in the highest good direction. I am being told, as long as I ask, what is coming up, probably a glimpse to what I am creating. I guess it is time now for our intuitive knowing to be allowed so that we can center and balance for more of the energies and helping our planet to move forward in a harmonious manner. It is helpful to keep the balance so others can get there too and spread this harmony more. We are needing this more since there seems to be more fear being created by those who wish to keep their power play at work.

Be the shining light so others may see this and spread it along. Be Well!!!!


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