can do with less

It would seem the life we have led thus far has mostly been about how to survive to have more. We work most of our lives so that we may have a better life. We get a better education so we may advance further up the chain in the business world to have that American dream. So the question comes down to what is this all for. Is having that better life actually any better. Why do we drive ourselves to the brink of exhaustion to so-say have that better life. Do we really or is that the illusion that we have given ourselves.

We have those crucial moments in our life when we question what is it all for. Was I able to make a better life for myself and my family. Is all the struggles to have more worth all the time away from your family and why do we feel guilty for it. Why must we have more, it is just stuff. Does it really make one happier?

Now with all of the questions that we gave ourselves, where did we go with that, probably nowhere. Please understand I have lived modestly my whole life so the changes that could be were limited already.  I was forced to do with less than I had already, so that came with a lay-off. The first one came which allowed/showed me how to start letting go. Once I started it got a bit easier. There were those things the cable, the tv, buying things without questioning too much, and even start going back to basics. All I can say is, it was amazing to see what I could do without. The biggest thing was asking myself was this something that was necessary and was it needed now.

Something we fall into is bulk buying. I came to realize that this was not a great thing. Some of the paper products, cleaning products, and the tools to get those things done was okay. Overall you might consider buying what you can use within the next three months and not years. Clothing can be tricky so try the clearance rack or at least have a never pay full price motto. Then of course I have a thing about shoes, so I have to limit myself or not go back to the store for a while. It has been an interesting journey.

The second lay-off was more scary since there was less to work with. But again you learn to work it out. This was more drastic in doing things that had to be done but here I was able to tune into my intuition to make it work. I am still working out the kinks but none-the-less I am making the best of things. This is where moving/relocating was necessary.

I have finally come to that point of seeing that if I have the tools (the basics) and have just enough of means to make things comfortable without going overboard then I might have reached my fair zone. This is where I feel I make enough to have the tools and still able to save for those things i could use for tools and without having to have a big job that has to break the bank. I now know how much is needed to allow myself to be in a fair zone to keep me comfortable. I don’t have to feel deprived yet I don’t have to go crazy trying to make more to have more.

I guess you can say that the fair zone is my happy zone. I don’t even have to win the big lottery, a small win would be sufficient to allow this peaceful living I am envisioning.

The message seems to be, find out how little you need to make you feel you can be okay and be happy.


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