a natural state

It would seem there is some truth to the thought that people get sad around the holidays. I must be tapping into that since I have found myself with tears and thinking along some sad thoughts. Why do we go that route when there is so much that is going on that could be picked up for happy thoughts. I don’t get why we have to work so hard at finding or seeking our joyful moments.

Then the question is why am I making this more difficult than it is. Nature gives us such a wonderful canvas to ‘see’ how much beauty there is in the world. The energy that the Earth projects is quite joyful when you can tap into that. I guess we must choose to see and listen to what is the natural state.

We are still shuffling around in the illusionary world that we have created to do those things so we may learn what there is to learn. For those that are in the process of letting this part go, we are understanding and wanting what is natural to us. We do not resonate so much with the falseness of the paradigm that we have created and been living in for so long. We must be ready to go whatever the next step is to bring us closer to that natural state of being.

I really like this idea that we get to proceed to something that is more harmonious and the time is here for us to transition to. This month of May is still kinda erratic, it is playing out (for me) in that fashion. I keep getting mixed signals of what is next. We still have another week of some turbulence but try and keep that balance. We really are helping those around us as well as ourselves.

Once this settles and my survival tools are in place I will be able to explore just a wee bit more to check out how my abilities can be enhanced to ready some more for the other things coming along this year. We are much stronger than we perceive but the trick seems to be that we have to be constantly reminding ourselves of this. Okay maybe I am speaking more for myself, here.

Still feeling my way here in the new location. I still haven’t gotten a good feel for my role other than the necessary things that I am here to do. My stuff is still stagnate but I am sure time is coming to move that along as well. Trying to read and listen and get into some rhythm and yet it is still mixed up yet. There has been much anticipation for the coming eclipse and yet it seems time has slowed down some. Probably like the saying, a watched pot doesn’t boil.

Making sure we are in tuned to what is and then being able to differentiate what it is for oneself may be a bit of work to do, but none the less something we must do to ensure we get what it is so we may proceed as needed.

Be good to yourself and be honest what should be done…..for now. Take care.





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