from May and onward…

There  is much that is being hinted at and alluded to. I believe this is more to ready us than to scare us. For those that have not become aware that there are changes of great magnitude for the world that we live in are in for a great shock. Please understand, if you have come across any of this talk then know that the changes are for the betterment of all of us here on this beautiful Earth.

This month of May has come to the point of no return. We are on our way towards moving out of the old paradigm and becoming so much more aware of this new one. Here is one message that says this quite pointedly. Here is the message from Matthew for his monthly one to his mother:

14. Most people don’t know Earth has almost exited third density or that the law of physics governing life in this universe holds that nothing with the low-frequency vibrations of darkness can enter the high vibrations of fourth density.  This includes physical bodies, activities, plans, dogmas, laws, customs, rituals — everything devised with dark intent to control the populace; everything that is harmful to body, mind and spirit; everything that for millennia kept your world mired in third density will be ending within months.

15. You have known all of this for quite some time, and it is because you have that we are applauding your patience in awaiting irrefutable evidence of what we have told you.  The wait is almost over — drama in abundance is right around the corner!

Now understand there are many web sites to say something of this in one format or another. Remember whichever resonates for you is what is good for you. Make up your own mind.

Here is another that specifically says when this is to come, all on the front page on the right side of page about a third way down with the title of Time of Transition for Planet Earth:

The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time frame of December 2012 –  throughout all of – March 2013 when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth’s crust happens with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation.

Many talk about this, some will give approximate dates and others will shy away from that. It is mainly for we as a collective consciousness have not created the future. We change some things due to what we think. We do not think this is a thing but it does have impact on our future of what can be.

Magenta Pixie has many youtube videos which conveys her channels to also say that there is much going on. The sensitives that are ‘getting’ the information either for themselves or to be given to those that are being receptive are trying to get the information out as much as possible.

There is talk of being too much light or too much dark, so you need to have balance and if too much light one should give that away….here is his blog radio from May 1st. This is a great listen, take a moment to see if this will help you to get to another step of understanding.

The journey of Aluna Joy on her many sojourns to sacred sites have given her many channels and insights to understand some of why we are here or have come to be in a life time of this age/time. We have come for a specific purpose to be with the Earth and assist the process or be in the process of the changes of the times. Now is the time to feed your inner light to know and understand what or why we are here.

We all have separate journeys to seek out answers for our own empowerment to get those answers to what is and where we fit into the big picture of this massive change(s) that we are in the mix of. Be weary of being afraid and having the fear in your heart, this is so much more than one can grasp if you haven’t already given some time to reading or making one self aware of this ‘something’ in the air that we have felt but may not have known what was. Give yourself the knowing that we are and will go through this with as much fun as we make it. You decide your own fate of what it is to be.

There is much that we can control, one is to know the truth of and the belief we carry to the extent that we can then decide how we want to proceed while the new paradigm gets going. So take the time to give yourself some new information (for some) and see if it ‘feels’ (resonate) true to you.

Be the light and shine brightly so the many that have yet to take this in will feel the nudge to do so.

We have now gone past the super moon and the ring of fire eclipse!! We have immense energies in the air that have come to earth and to us humans that are here to assist and work with this earth. Have the knowing that there is so much that will be for the betterment of all of us and that we will have the wonders that we have thought of or that which has be elusive thus far. Be happy and allow ourselves the happiness that we wish and all the abundance that we should have. Be the Light!!!!


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