the World of Dreams

We are given messages from our higher self, our angels, god, and myriad of other parts of ourselves there are. What we choose to listen to can be very unclear and we might take the time or not to decipher them. I have found in the last few years that if I pay attention and delve a bit deeper that I can know what it is that is being given to me. At some point we want to know why the dreams come through as they do or even the visions that come along, or why seem to get a certain phrasing in our heads which otherwise would mean nothing.

I decided that I needed to know more and I need to see where I could get the code books in whatever format to then de-code these things. I am not always successful but for the most part, I believe that I do get what I need to at this time. It is an interesting journey especially when those around you cannot help too much since they themselves seem not to have the interest. So you have to seek out other sources whether they are books, sources online, or somehow you run into someone who may give you the answer or direction sometimes unexpectedly.

I was given this dream from my daughter and she said that I had a baby which was translucent and white in tint, almost see through. And it was very hungry, needed more nourishment and I needed to feed her since in the dream I was not doing so.

The message seems to say that I will need to nourish something to keep it going from when it gets started. What it may refer to cannot be said at this time. I have a few things that have only just begun so not sure what it is saying yet. If it is a job then I must persevere and if it is a project then I must tune in and set the stage for more information. Now the very basic message is keep moving forward in whatever is being sent your way.

Having now made the choices to move forward and gone at least couple of steps, things are moving along. Some scary and others just falling into place sometimes very slowly. I think the biggest thing was that I took the step in forward motion vs staying in the same state of things. Motion will create the fluidity of movement to enhance the push to get where you wish to go. I am seeing a little of this at this point.

I am still wondering what else I am supposed to do here, now that I am here. I have only been given a few things to know and am doing the things that I should but we still wonder about the rest. All should reveal itself as time goes on. That is how it seems to go. You don’t ‘get’ anymore than you should, so they say.

With this month of May, I am highly anticipating the eclipse to signal our changeover that is to be for us. Whether we are in the know or not, there will come the change(s) which will continue for couple of months at the very least. Otherwise those who are to be in the shadow of this eclipse will have a much quicker changeover, I wish us all much for this awaited change.

I am currently overwhelmed. The challenge will be to keep my center and not allow too much to take over what I have achieved in what I know of myself and what seems to be right now. There are still decisions or choices that are being tried to me to go either one way or the other.

Communication is the key of much of how we are in the lives we live in the 3D world. Take the time to do your best to be able to be clear in what you wish to say and to understand what is being said to you. We are here to get through the mist to be able to know each other in the most basic way. We are here to help one another to be simply put.

Try to take your lessons for what they are. Take the moment to not allow miscommunication to take over but to let what you need to know to come forth. Each and every day, there are many things mirrored to you so that you may ‘see’ what it is for what it is.

We all want to see what we wish but some times we ignore so much that we wonder why we choose to ignore those things that are pretty much thrown in our faces. Yes I do have a stubborn streak and for those who are this may be difficult to be told what we should do when we don’t or are not ready for those truths. We will continue in said manner until we choose to ‘see’ what others may have already.

This does not in any way make us stupid or silly just a trait we chose to have for us to get over or through depending on how we proceed.

Give yourself a break and allow any anger or sadness to be so you can move forward once again. Getting hurt emotionally may be what is needed for the soul to move ahead and complete another lesson to know which should reveal to us, soon.

I am one of the ones that believe that by years end, for those who are ready, will know quite a lot of oneself that has been blocked for so long. Perhaps I am being naive but I want this to be true and have that belief in my heart!!

The dreams from others about me is giving some answers for those things that I am looking for. I thank whatever means are making that possible. Allow the energies to come forth for your own truth!!

Love to all!!


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