Cycles & Patterns

We go through many patterns throughout our life and then there are the cycles that will repeat until we ‘get’ it. How often have your recognized that you might have encountered something similar but with different people in the scenario. Well there is that pattern or the cycle repeating for you.

We continue in this manner until that time we have completed what we know as lessons.  Your ah-ha moments or epiphanies are just that, we finally got it. Happy learning and the sign is you can move on to the next thing in your portfolio.

Patterns are coming to me now about relationships of what could have been but did not happen, now I seem to be having the same things taking place. Well the time frames seem to be about the same and the more that I want the less they are willing to give. Time to give it up or is it more about what I want instead of giving what I think they want.

We give much in the way of allowance of space, time, and their importance. Perhaps the lesson here is to figure out my own importance and what I wish to get out of any relationship. Yes I am all about fairness; my life path is very predominant about that. But how am I being fair to myself, maybe not so much.

Lots of time (in this world) we equate money with power or the one who gets to say what goes, but when you don’t have any then the feeling is you don’t have the power or any say that weighs much in the relationship. I have thought about this over the years and you can see this in many relationships. So this may be about the worthiness of your being, which I know we are all equal in the bigger picture of things.

So within our limited parameters I must recognize that I am this awesome being who just want some balance whether it is in living a good life or having some great relationship. What do I want, having a partner that listens and reciprocates what and who you are is something we all would like but do we strive for that as well by our actions in what we say and how we act?? I wonder.

I can say about myself that I sometimes give in way too much and then feel great resentment that I did that. Other times I don’t feel the power so I don’t say anything. There is the need for encouragement on either side but at times we don’t give nor receive, then the trick is to trust your intuition and get going about it all.

One should recognize their own patterns to things. We have a tendency to go a certain way most of the time. As we grow we may adjust them but overall we seem to stick to the same pattern, even if they didn’t work before. By being aware perhaps we can change that.

For each instances of any given situation we will go into some state of being, especially if we are stressed and having a difficult time. This is good to know since we are or should be trying to keep our center about things. Stop going into auto-pilot and see how you do things for the sake of breaking out of the mold.

We can adjust more so that we are more in the driving seat. How many times will certain things go the same way before we start to see more of this. If we did not see before it is because we did not get the lesson that we were suppose to. So take the time to check it out for yourself and just maybe you can get what your suppose to and move on to something more.

With the changes that are to come, we can anticipate in the last hours (as they say) of this old paradigm that we live in, the chances of some upsets (this will be more so for those that have not woken to any of the truth(s) yet) or a lot of upsets to take place. We have to anchor as much for the rest of humanity as it were to keep things a bit steady until everything starts to rebalance.

it is being shown those things that we have managed to avoid so far in this month of May.  We can face them and clear them out whatever it may be. Don’t rush since we may miss the details that are usually so crucial to getting things done in the better way.

Let me speak of relationships since that seems to be the theme right now for me. Whether it is the family or not, it is all being played out to the max. I have noted that family even if they are close cannot help much other than to have you explore the missing components. The finer details are being shown that I should have been able to process this last decade plus.

What have I learned, you ask, well let me see. That like all of us, we can only give of ourselves as much as we think we can extend, the love that we have does not always go the distance (not in this world), and that we can and have gone much of our life (this go around) by our lonesome to figure things out. Yes we love the family but not to give our all, we seem to dole out in different segments as we go. Again the thinking seems to be that we only have so much to give and then we are depleted.

Yes we can and do wear ourselves out but love is not so limited as we believe. There is so much of this love that we cannot get our heads around it. We think that love is what we profess or how we act or what we give but all of that is just by products of this limiting world that we live in.

Time to break out of this mold of being so limited and move on to a bigger and better world. Time to wake up and be more than the limiting way that we are at this time. You should consider the truth of who we are and have been, now is really the time to grasp and embrace this concept that there is more to who and where we come from.

I am so ready and I wish for all of you to join in this new expansion of where we are to go in the next phase of our being. Bless us that are ready for and are wanting to live in the new expanded world that we are co-creators of. Be the light and shine so that those that are not there just yet will be encouraged to do and then be with us.

Allow yourself to BE all that you are. Love and Light to all.


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