Twin Flames or Soul Mates

Okay so what is this all about. There are two points of view about what this is. We have the phrases of soul mates or twin flames. Most of the view of this is that it is another individual not of ourselves. Then there is another unique view that I have come across which is we are our own soul mate.

So this is where I have gone with this. It is all like stepping-stones, with the different levels of our own awareness, we will first have thoughts (like most things) that things are outside of ourselves that we must find. There seems to be this endless quest to seek it. It is the other half of yourself and finding the other person will be the half to complete you.

There comes a time of learning or discovering or being aware that all things come from within ourselves and those things we thought for so long as coming from outside of ourselves because we have not seen that we are the powerful being that we are. We are who we are seeking is more than apt, here.

Progression is the name of the game, since we have come to have such a thick veil for the purpose of not knowing that we are a spark of the divine. Once we go there within the parameters of this world for the game that we play, as serious and important that it is, we are then stepping up to allow this piece to fit to allow our self to get to the point of some knowing. As we progress we want to know more and then to be more.

So the search of seeking, finding, having, and being with your soul mate seems to be this daunting task. We should be at a certain level of awareness or that we have to be so giving or that we have to be giving in order to find or that unless we are at the same level we will not be able to meet them. The game seems to be a very elusive one, much like hide and seek. You wonder for the most part why and how this will happen. We seem to dream about this and even plan things out for when we meet them and so forth. Okay maybe the females do this more but the males get drawn in as well to some extent.

In some cases it becomes such an all-encompassing thing. We don’t seem to get anything else done. There are stories told and movies made about finding the soul mate, the only one for you. You have to be looking or you may never find them. We want this, more than anything. Love is what we want. Love is what we are but we haven’t figured that out yet.

The question then is why this pre-occupation, why must we feel that we are not complete without this other part that is supposed to be our other half of ourselves, that we are not whole to begin with.

Of course we like to be with someone, no one wants to be alone or be lonely. We should have a partner to get through this life that we have in this very difficult world. It does make things a bit easier to contend with. It can be very harsh, there are many obstacles to get through, why wouldn’t having someone else with you be such a bad thing.

Yes, the soul mate idea is not new nor is it wrong but perhaps we place too much emphasis on this concept to search to find that other half when in fact we are whole whether you find this soul mate of yours or not in this life.

Those around us that are considered friends, we at this time will start to get at the truth of what our relationships are. If not based in truth or for your higher good then it will dissipate and go away. So know that Love will always prevail but along with it is truth , respect, and honesty. You must have all of the above for the relationship to continue in your best interest.

Take the time to realign and center all that is best for you. Take care to shine the light as bright as you might for all the changes this month of May. It is to be such that all of us will be in wonder to what comes next.

Find the joy in all that is around you. Love to all!!


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