Chapter closings & Karma endings

I have not always been very good at taking hints from others. The best way for me to get what you are saying is to tell me directly. There can be stuff thrown my way and if I am not focused about it then I won’t pay much attention to it. And that goes for the spirit guides but of course they are there to guide you and have a lot of patience.

Currently with so much happening much behind the scenes, as they say, we are given the chances to close out those things that need to be completed. And some things may surprise you or not depending on what the subject is. We may have been avoiding which makes it more difficult to face but we are given the chances to get it done.

So if things aren’t in agreement, you may have to face some facts that it will not go the way you had once thought they would. There are many signs yet we may choose to ignore or see things in a way that isn’t quite what they are. Letting go is some times the harder or more difficult thing to do then playing at something you wish you could make better. There is no more time to make those messes to clean up. Time to wipe it all clean is here and you are to do what is required now. Please be patient with yourself and don’t beat yourself up too much.

How cowardly I have thought when I didn’t want to face things. But we do deal with things in our own way whether we prolong the agony or not. It seems to be wiser to get it over with yet some of us think that it will have a happy ending. So we might be the eternal optimists or just plain dumb. I know, I know, no one is dumb we might just act like it sometimes.

Anyway the point is, all those things are coming to a close and we should be grateful for it then we can concentrate on other things coming up.

Aluna Joy was explaining with her star elders that we are being rebooted this coming lunar solar eclipse and a few others seem to concur. The catch seems to be if you are in the path of this eclipse then the process will be so much quicker but if not then for the rest of us it will take a couple of months to complete. We may need that time for the adjustments. This is all good. Take the time to let those things we moved through quickly to resonate better within ourselves.

Another thought is, are you ready for all of this. If you are reading this kind of stuff and others that are similar in nature and are trying to figure out the changes that are to be then you are among the group of folks that are ready for the new earth (figuratively or literally).

I am looking forward to the remembering of abilities that we had and lost when we came to this world. Now we are crossing over to get to all the new things from this perspective.

Love to all and many blessings for getting far in the game of life as we know it. Now let’s prepare to go forward!!


What I would like to add is that with all things that we want to clarify to ourselves usually due to some conflict (within or without), we should consider checking with the higher self and ask about what will be for the highest good for all. This should create the receptivity and allow one to view this with unbiased manner. Well that is the hope. More practice will allow this to be.

There are many times I would think about a situation that should end since in my eyes I did not see how prolonging a relationship in the manner it has been going was ‘doing’ any good for either party. I seem to know there is more to this than what is shown on the surface but the real question becomes am I suppose to be doing more or something else. I wonder (in the old paradigm way of thinking) why the slow movement even though I have depth of feelings and want and all that goes with any significant relationship. By viewing this in the old way, there does not seem to be progress but perhaps with all that is changing there is more to the story than one can ‘see’ today.

So the lesson I have come away with, as limited as I am getting it is that, we are loving creatures and as such we are to love without conditions and it would seem that is a difficult concept to take in or rather to do. To Love is To Be. and so it is.




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