Posted in May 2012

can do with less

It would seem the life we have led thus far has mostly been about how to survive to have more. We work most of our lives so that we may have a better life. We get a better education so we may advance further up the chain in the business world to have that American … Continue reading

a natural state

It would seem there is some truth to the thought that people get sad around the holidays. I must be tapping into that since I have found myself with tears and thinking along some sad thoughts. Why do we go that route when there is so much that is going on that could be picked … Continue reading

from May and onward…

There  is much that is being hinted at and alluded to. I believe this is more to ready us than to scare us. For those that have not become aware that there are changes of great magnitude for the world that we live in are in for a great shock. Please understand, if you have … Continue reading

the World of Dreams

We are given messages from our higher self, our angels, god, and myriad of other parts of ourselves there are. What we choose to listen to can be very unclear and we might take the time or not to decipher them. I have found in the last few years that if I pay attention and … Continue reading

Cycles & Patterns

We go through many patterns throughout our life and then there are the cycles that will repeat until we ‘get’ it. How often have your recognized that you might have encountered something similar but with different people in the scenario. Well there is that pattern or the cycle repeating for you. We continue in this … Continue reading

Twin Flames or Soul Mates

Okay so what is this all about. There are two points of view about what this is. We have the phrases of soul mates or twin flames. Most of the view of this is that it is another individual not of ourselves. Then there is another unique view that I have come across which is … Continue reading