feeling off centered & misaligned

Making a major move like relocation tends to make one unsettled and misaligned for a bit of time. I am hoping with all the energies that are bombarding us that this will be very minor and/or minimized for what it is.

How do I feel? A bit fuzzy and not sure of things. I do know the feeling why I came to this location and know what must be done or have done already for the most part, there are some ongoing part that I must do. It is strange to know what I came here to do and then to understand, set the stage, and start the process of healing for those around me. I may sound arrogant but that was the message I did receive, so I must go with that.

I was given a vision of the details right before coming so I would at least get the main purpose done. Now the strange part is what am I here to do for me. Of course the basics of survival needs to be but as far as contents of your life what do you do becomes the question. I am sure all will reveal itself, as they say, and yet we must create since that is what we do.

I have to remember not to get other’s energies to sway me for what this is all about. There are so many fill-ins of what others need that will suck you in and take you down if you let it. That is not the purpose here. Empowerment of the self is required and needed and I am part of the resolution not a catalyst for the wants that they feel they should have.

Sometimes getting lost in the needs of others can be overwhelming and I must not allow myself to fall. I have a purpose but also that I have to move forward as well. It’s not been yet a week and I am allowing the dark to prevent me from the original intent, with this recognition I am hoping to prevent further downturn.

It is most disturbing when you are prevented forward motion via technology. You would think that would be the easy part of things. Anyway I must persevere and come to terms of where I am and decide there is a motion of movement and I would need to go with this flow.

I have a feeling there has been an interruption in the services of my dream teaching but I believe once I recognize what hasn’t been then I can resume the process of that. Much feels dislocated for some reason but that maybe the bump from moving. I have not been able to read the stuff I usually do and I have not been able to do those things I have been normally so that would make sense for all to be off as it were.

I keep asking what is the next step and sometimes I felt I was not getting any answers but I think my lack of focus was coming about. So there should be more of the focus and less distraction of the job that had to be doing. Like I said for the most part it is done and I can get going now on some sort of life that I should be doing for the time we have in the 3D world.

Let me be presumptuous, I am planning to move to 4D and when the time comes I am to be ready and willing to go.

I have been only able to catch the local and city news and have found nothing ‘new’ that might have happened or happening that I have been expecting. I guess it is still either too soon or not time for those things yet.

We are, I think looking out for any signs that would let us know that time has come. It is a bit like Christmas and the wait can be so painful at times. So know any preparations you have done are not in vain.

Be Joyous and feel light in heart!!





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