soul recognition

What can we say, we either find each other or not. If the purpose we have is something we have to do together or complete unfinished businesses, the destiny is already set.

We have this veil that is so thick which would make us forget and yet there are those that seem to glow when they are together. This is not just for the lovers in us but I think the ones that can connect without much trouble. Friends forever and other terms we use sometimes lightly may fit the bill.

The love that we have for each other stands the test of time, how could it not. It is the strongest thing there is. We are being told more so now than ever before. We will know more of the nuances when this veil gets thinner and thus no more. But more time, that is in the linear will have to pass before we get that option. Okay perhaps by years end we can know or for those of us who are ready.

They always say you can see what or who a person is by looking in their eyes, that you can see the soul of a person there. I find that to be most true. Some can not hold your gaze, to hide something or are we probing too much. I have been told that I prolong my look too long but I am most interested in people.

Let me mention color. Well there is talk that we may be reflecting the color of the chakra that we most identify with by wearing those colors. Now I tend to like blue, most of this hue and into the lavender and even some purples. So if this is true then I must have a lot to do with the throat chakra which is about speaking one’s truth. The greens are more heart based, indigo goes with the third eye (open or shut), and purples to your crown chakra. We do tend to mirror one’s thoughts so maybe there is some truth there.

Some days we may be a mixture and fluidity of all and few of them can play it’s part. so nothing is fixed since we are in motion constantly.

Whether this is to say we match other’s in the chakras or perhaps energy is a better word, we are tuning in to raise the level so we can ‘do’ more. Perhaps we are helping each other reach the level(s) we are aiming for just by being or finding each other.

We have been working within the parameters of time and space. For those of us that have been here for some time, you may feel like me and are ready for the next thing to do. I know I am ready for those new things they speak of, telepathy, telekinesis, walking on air, bilocation, and much more. The new challenges will be fun to try and achieve.

This work of Michael Monk’s is pulling me currently so I wonder if this is some introduction to the next density we are to inhabit. If you have any experience with his work, I would love to hear from you. I will be trying out his course shortly and as I go through it I will be writing about it here. I just have to get through some moving process first.

The direction I had set on end of last year, has not gone in that direction, the path that has opened has sent me in a direction currently that I am trying to make work for me and my cat. Many times we think we should go in one direction and then things happen, it is taking me somewhere I didn’t think was an option. Intuitively the thoughts have been in my head for some time, reacting took longer to do. I am taking it as a sign to go.

Yes I have been checking in with my higher self but it would seem I am going with intuition and gut feelings. I do often question and yet already know that some things must be done. The course is now laid and I must find the strength to do the necessary.

May you find the road in your journey more fluid and light.


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