the 24 hour notice…

Since interviews and articles on his site, Benjamin Fulford, it would seem what he has been speaking of about in regards to financial tyranny might be coming to a head. I am inclined to most of what is being said from the sources mentioned here as well as others that have touched on this subject in some form or another.

It would appear time has come via new contact from David Wilcock  (Drake) that with the mass arrests that have started/will continue to be happening, we will have something that will come to pass. To sum basically our military will be involved in possible border blocking our country. There will be a 24 hour notice given and the plan will be implemented. This will be primarily to prevent those that are responsible for many atrocities from escaping and/or with monies and any assets.

We may have some minor disruptions of our regular services such as some conveniences we take for granted such as toilet paper, drinking water, and food. So this might be the time to have a few things on hand that will carry you through for possibly up to a month. These are but suggestions, follow your own instincts or intuition on this.


Here is the interview from David Wilcock’s Blog:


I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys” to come forward and explain what is going to be done.
I was blown away by the information he was giving. If you didn’t already believe this was really going to happen, this may very well change your mind.
I ran Drake through an extensive validation process with one of my top insiders and he passed with flying colors. He is the real deal.
We have an urgent-status rush transcription order for our Divine Cosmos Transcription Team on this, and will get it posted ASAP.
These are ZIP files. All you have to do is download them, open them and tell them where you want your MP3 to go. It’s that simple — just like our downloadable products. Here they are:

Again please research and come to your own conclusions. This is not to incite fear but it should give you enough to understand what is going on so that you can either prepare and not incite more fear but calm those around you to the extend that we can.

We just need to keep the calm and allow ourselves to see the truth in what is transpiring. For those that have recently come upon the information please take the time to breathe and take it in with the knowing that we are eternal and this is but a small part of the bigger picture.


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